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If your animal becomes sick while you are out of town do you have the confidence that their sitter can recognize and provide the necessary medical attention for your pets in need?


Denver Vet Tech Pet Sitting is the premier Pet Sitting service in the Denver area for your dog, cat, bird, or other exotic animal


"With Vet Tech Pet Sitting you can rest assured that your animal is in the hands of a true medical professional. All the medical expertise of kennel personnel in your own home. Simply the premier home care provider for your dog, cat, bird, or other exotic pampered pets in the Denver area"

Denver's newest and best pet sitting service ready to serve you TODAY!

Welcome to Vet Tech Pet Sitting. We specialize in care for your animal in your time of need. Whether it is providing specialized medical attention for your beloved pet, or ensuring your pets is fed, let out, and socialized Vet Tech Pet Sitting is here to help. Vet Tech Pet Sitting will always be here to help you provide the best in care for your pet. We are a team of trained veterinary technicians that work at a hospital that specializes in exotic animals, in addition to providing exceptional medical treatment for cats and dogs. Having the trained expertise of a vet kennel technician come in to your home for pet sitting is the same as having your animal monitored by the vet kennel technicians, but it is in the stress free comfort of your pets own environment. It's really the best of both worlds. Our goal is to ensure your pet the most seamless transition in your absence, and you the pet owner the most stress free alternative for pet care. Vet Tech Pet Sitting wants to help you avoid the kennel, but still benefit from the expertise of the medical professional.

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