What You Get

What You Get with Vet Tech Pet Sitting of Denver

Medical training across multiple species to ensure your pets ultimate comfort and health

At Vet Tech Pet Sitting we take pride in the fact that all our pet sitters are trained veterinary technicians that currently work at dog/cat/exotic hospitals. Unfortunately sometimes it is your pets instincts to mask signs of illness. Our sitters are in the business of recognizing the signs of illness despite this fact, and you can rest assured your pet will be in the best medical hands possible.

Your pet stays stress free in his or her own home environment

One of the great benefits of Vet Tech Pet Sitting is that we are mobile, and can come to your pet. No worrying about dropping off, or picking up your pet at a kennel. We come to your pet. In addition to making logistics easier your pet pet is far more comfortable in their home environment during your absence than they would be if they were in a kennel. This goes a long way in reducing the stress level of your pet.

Individual personalized care for your pet

As every pet has it's own individual personality every pet requires specialized care. At Vet Tech Pet Sitting we understand this and can accommodate your pets needs. In the rare occasion we can not meet these needs we let you know well ahead of time so you can make necessary arrangements if need be.

Plenty of love and attention your pet deserves

In your absence your pet will receive lots of loving attention. At Vet Tech Pet Sitting we do this for one reason, and one reason only... because we LOVE animals. Your animal will receive plenty of positive one on one interaction.

Overnights available to provide additional security for your pet

Sometimes there are needs you pet requires that necessitate an overnight stay. At Vet Tech Pet Sitting we can be ready to provide the care your pet requires.

Last minute services

Sometimes you have to stay late at work, or you are unable to get away from work to take your pet to a scheduled vet visit. Perhaps you need an extra hand feeding or walking your pet because your social event ran later than expected. Vet Tech Pet Sitting can help with that. If you can provide a way to get to your pet we can perform whatever services are necessary.

Vet Tech House Calls

From time to time your Veterinarian will send you home with medical treatments to perform on the animal that you might need additional help with, or you might just feel more comfortable having one of us perform the services all together. Please feel free to contact us for any and all needs that might fit this situation as we would love to help you medicate your pet properly.

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